Property Information


    Ceiling  Banquet Theatre  Classroom
Room Size     Sq. Ft.   Height     Seating Seating Seating
Auditorium 127' x 96'   12,000 21' 800 1500 656
Fiesta/Fez Room  69' x 65'  4,400 9' 220 400 n/a
Fiesta Room   69' x 39' 2,700 9' 176 300 100
"A" 37' x 22' 759 9' 64 100 50
"B" 16' x 22' 332 9' n/a 25 12
"C" 16' x 22' 332 9' n/a 25 12
"D" 35' x 28' 656 9' Conference/Board Room Seating 12
"F" 25' x 16' 386 9' n/a 40 16

Note: Figures show the maximum (comfortable) capacity and does not include

 consideration for Head tables, Buffet Lines, Display, Audio-visual equipment, etc.

RATE INFORMATION  (Please inquire with our Events Manager)


Seasonal rates do apply at certain times of the year.

Equipment, food and beverage, and audiovisual services are additional. 
Events contracted on Holidays will be subject to additional charges.




Monday – Thursday 6 am to 11 pm

Friday – Saturday 6 am to 12 pm

Sunday 8 am to 6 pm




Rooms will be set on a one-time basis per day.

Costs for any changes charged at prevailing rates.

Additional set-up, cleanup and custodial charges may be applied to some events.


There will be an additional clean-up deposit for the use of our kitchen.  Deposit is refundable provided kitchen is returned to its original condition.



Skirting (per table)

Chair Covers (ea.)

Microphones (floor/table)

Microphones (cordless/lapel)



Risers (per set 4’x8’x16”)

Telephone Lines (Local)

Trade Show Lighting (per hr.)

Kitchen Use

Use outside catering (per person)

Pipe & Drape (per foot)

Small Stage Steps

Large Stage Steps

White Linen (90x90)

Napkins (available colors)

Power Strips

Extension Cord




Standard Packages

8’ x 8’ Booth includes:

Two 3’ x 8’ Draped Side Panels

One 8’ x 8’ Back Panel (if needed)

One 8’ x 24” Topped & Skirted Table

One Trash Can

Two Folding Chairs

10’ x 10’ Booth includes:

Two 3’ x 10’ Draped Side Panels

One 8’ x 10’ Back Panel (if needed)

One 8’ x 24” Topped & Skirted Table

One Trash Can

Two Folding Chairs

Additional Items 

Podium & Microphone (floor or stand)  included

Folding Chair

Power to Booth

8’ x 24” Topped & Skirted Table

Registation Counters

Additional Furniture, Services, and Items available upon request.

Drayage Services

Shipments will be received by:

El Zaribah Shrine

552 North 40th Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85008

602-231-0300 ext. 24


There is a charge for Drayage, with a 200lbs minimum

Items will be accepted 14 days prior to Event Start Date

Items will be delivered to specified location (i.e. Booth #)
on request on day of Event

Return Service Available

Audio Visual Service


5’ Tripod Screen    

6’ Tripod Screen    

7’ Tripod Screen    

8’ Tripod Screen    

10’ Cradle Screen


10x14 Pull Down Screen on Stage

6x8 Fast-fold Screen with Dress Kit

7.5x10 Fast-fold Screen with Dress Kit

9x12 Fast-fold Screen with Dress Kit

10.5x14 Fast-fold Screen with Dress Kit


JBL EON Speaker

Anchor Explorer Speaker

CD Player

Cassette Player/Recorder

Wireless Microphone

Wired Lavaliere

4 Channel Mixer

8 Channel Mixer

16 Channel Mixer

LCD Projectors: 

NEC GT5000 (6000 lumens)

Sony PX31 (2800 lumens)

Sanyo XF10 (3000 lumens)

NEC 1065 (3400 lumens)

NEC (2600 lumens)


Televisions and Players:

20” TV/VCR Combo

20” TV Monitor

25” TV Monitor

27” TV Monitor

32” TV Monitor

42” Plasma Monitor

DVD Player/Recorder

S-VHS Camcorder

S-VHS Player/Recorder



24”x36” Whiteboard


Power Strip

Extension Cord


Wired Internet

Wireless Internet